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Freakshow Industries- Audio effects for the end times


reakshow Industries is an independent audio effects company, formed by professionally synchronized nervous breakdowns, working in the service of manufacturing troubled nonsense.

We are creators of subversive and ridiculous audio production effects built for sound designers and experimental music producers. We have no intention of making safe and traditional, baby-food smooth, color-by-numbers effects. We mean to dissolve the demons of creative stagnation, opening portals to new and unique sound with exceedingly affordable audio product.

You may have noticed that you can steal our software directly from this website. We believe there are legitimate reasons that people steal software. Rather than turn our customers into victims by fighting an endless and futile battle against music software piracy, we’ve decided to be real and talk about it openly.

We believe that people who would buy software will buy software and we would rather give you our effects directly and unencumbered by archaic DRM. At the same time we don't want to force those who won't buy our software into the dark corners of the internet to grab questionable or altered versions of our work. We hope that we impress you enough to buy a t-shirt or make a donation or come back for a purchase later. We believe that trust, generosity and goodwill are principles worth taking a chance on and so we put our continued existence into your hands.

Obsolete media outlets can reach our automata at

Get ready for something different. We make audio effects for the end times and… how lucky are we that the end times found us so quickly?

❤️️Please Enjoy❤️️