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Make sure to please check our FAQ before contacting support.


We are a very small company where the people answering support requests are the same people making the products. So we'll do our very best to get back to you within a day, during normal-ish weekday business-ish hours.


If you are writing about a problem with one of our products then please make sure to include the following information:


  • Operating System version (as in mac OS 10.13.5)
  • Plugin Format (AAX, VST, VST3, or AU)
  • DAW / audio software and version (as in Live 10)
  • A detailed description of whatever the issue is with steps to help us reproduce the issue.


Powered By Human Tears
Powered By Human Tears

How do I authorize?

Download your license file (ie. backmask.freakshow) from your account page, the vendor you purchased from or the email we sent you for direct purchases.

Open the plugin in your DAW and press the A button in the bottom right of the plugin window and follow the directions to load the file.


I bought your plugin from someone else why can't I login?

You need to get your license files from the vendor you purchased from. We don't even really know when these sales happen they just send us money. Honest.


How many computers can I use your software on?

You can use our plugins on any computer that you own.

If you are in a studio with a ton of computers being used simultaneously, please just mail us unmarked bills or get some Freakshow MERCH for the staff.


Can I use your plugins in my setup (operating system/DAW/etc.)?

You can take a look at the system requirements listed on the product page. But if you’re on a modern system then, probably, yes. Just download the installer and give it a shot before buying anything. We have a free 14 day demo.


Will your plugins work on my 32 bit OS or DAW? Will you ever make 32 bit plugins?

No, our plugins do not work on 32 bit Systems or DAWs. Similarly, we do not support bit bridging.

We have no plans to support anything 32 bit in the future.


Do I need to register an account? / I don't see the software I just bought in the account I just created.

You do not need to manually register/create an account on this site if you are purchasing software. Account registration is only necessary for stealing licenses on the Freakshow Crime Hole.

We automatically create an account using the email address you give us at purchase. If you purchase with PayPal then we automatically create an account with the PayPal email address.

Your license, receipt and account activation emails will all be sent to the email address you use to purchase. Check your Spam folder if you don't see stuff.

If you made an account with an email other than the one you gave us at purchase expect that it will be empty and serve no purpose. Much like our existence.


Where do I get the software I just bought? Will you email it to me?

You can download all of our software freely on this site. Each product page has its own download links.

We do not email you any software or special download links. What we send you after purchase is the license to unlock the software.


How does all the downloading/buying/free trial/authorization stuff work?

Here's the deal...

Our software installers are free to download. You don't need to have an account or give us your email address or anything. You just download the software and install it.

You can then use the software freely for 14 days from whenever you install it. During this time, (unless we specify otherwise) the software will operate without restriction.

After that free trial expires the software will be crippled in some way. For example, Backmask will enter a chaotic and uncontrollable state. It might sound cool, but it won't be very usable.

At this point (or whenever really) you will need to authorize the software to make it yours. So when you BUY (or steal) a product you are buying the license file that unlocks the product.

You can then authorize the software by clicking the little "A" button at the bottom of the plugin window and then loading the license file that we send you after you buy.


Will you really let me steal your software? How do I steal your software? What's the catch?

Yeah we do... practically speaking though, you're stealing a license file that unlocks the installed/unauthorized software (unauthorized software expires after a certain amount of time).

As to how you steal... Just click the STEAL button right next to the product BUY button and then follow the instructions. You will need to use a real email to create an account with us so that we can send you the license.

Stolen licenses are fully functional and last as long as anything made of software can claim to last. The only restriction is that they are not eligible for any upgrade stuff and we'll be using our discretion around how much support you'll receive if you run into trouble with software running on a stolen license.

Take a look at our ABOUT page if you want to know more about why we're rolling with this whole stealing thing.


Do you offer refunds on software?

Nope, try the free 14 day demo before buying. Please and thank you.


Please explain the deal with shipping, tracking and returns for the physical merchandise you sell.

97% of merch is shipped within 3-5 business days. Occasionally it can take up to 7 days. If you run into any issues after placing an order please contact us and we'll figure something out. A lot of the shipping stuff is out of our hands but we'll do our best.

Depending on the shipping method you select, tracking information would be included in the email sent to you when the thing actually ships. We won't have any information beyond that if you run into anything after shipping.

Defective merchandise can be returned within 30 days. Just let us know if you have any issues though. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please contact us before mailing anything back if you want to return merch.


When I download your installer Google Chrome warns me that it may harm my computer.

Chrome shows that warning because of the installer file type. It is routine and nothing to worry about. Please enjoy.


Why do you let me automate the Backmask “Max Size” and “Time Align” parameters? Nothing good happens (to me ever).

The answer is to not automate those parameters because there is no good reason to. Sorry for trouble, we blame Ralph as usual.


When I insert the tryptamine orb into the helix flange I can't get the plugin to absorb.

Try rebooting


Do you offer old timey telephone support?

We only respond to the 7 star sigil moon cast combined with smoke of sage brush and oak. Feel free to call on that line.


Does Backmask use latency?

By default Backmask is zero latency. But there is a special “time-align mode” that uses large amounts of latency to look into the future so that you can reverse what is currently happening rather than what has already happened.

If your DAW has a latency compensation feature that can cover anywhere from 22500 to 192000 samples of latency (Pro Tools is our only supported DAW that can't handle this) then you shouldn’t need to do anything special to bring your track into alignment.


What's the deal with the Backmask “time align” mode in Pro Tools?

The Backmask time align mode uses latency to look into the future so that you can reverse what is currently happening rather than what has already happened. This mode is off by default.

Depending on Backmask settings and your current sample rate, time align mode can require anywhere from 22500 to 192000+ samples of latency. Unfortunately Pro Tools latency compensation can only compensate up to 16000 samples of latency in a session. So even in the best case, any track with Backmask using this feature will be out of sync with the rest of your session.

If you really want to use time align mode in Pro Tools then you’ll need to use AudioSuite (offline processing) or manually compensate for latency. There is a wealth of information on the internet if you want to know how to do this.

You could also consider a multi-DAW workflow. Most other DAWs will compensate for our insane amounts of latency just fine.

If you are disappointed by the latency compensation limitations in Pro Tools then you could always send them a feature request. But we can’t do anything about it.


Where can I find the user manual/help documentation?

We do not install a user manual as a separate file.

Instead you can click the “?” button located in the bottom corner of the plugin to show a help overlay.

This will reveal additional information (parameter names, units and values) not shown in the main interface. Hovering over a control will also show information about that control.

Pro Tip: Before being corrupted by knowledge we encourage you to explore blindly. Learning by doing opens new creative potential. Don’t be afraid.


I recently stole one of your plugins and have since decided that I'd like to pay something. How do I do that?

Thank you so much, we really appreciate your generosity!

The proper thing to do is to just buy a license from the product page. This will make you eligible for upgrade promotions should we ever decide to do that sort of thing.

There will be two licenses in your account (a stolen one and a legit one) but this makes no difference. You will not need to re-authorize or re-install your plugins.

Buying after stealing is a purely symbolic thing that upstanding people like you do to help support our work.


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